and Graphic

I am a Visual
and graphic artist.
I specialize in
experimental visual
narration through
digital and
print media.


Mnemonic Harvest

artist’s book, 500 copies
offset print

A print device for imagining stories on memory and space, through 6 
unfolding modular poster-booklets
6 x (42cm*84cm)
30 modules

“Another day of quarantine... Stranded in his bed, he was struggling to make sense out of what seemed to be
a random chain of experiences, scattered over the years of his limited existence.   From there, memories looked like
a cocoon in orbit with veins pulsing under its surface.
Or like corridors and shelves and doors and temples and warehouses filled with familiar forms. He didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but he would know if he found it. A circle striving for closure.”

photos by Beryl Libault

Tu n’es qu’un futur fossile

artist’s book, 7 copies
screenprint, offset, risograph, linocut

A graphic research on the body seen as vehicle for the abstraction of badly digested knowledge

Blurry Territory, visual notes for a topography of curiosity

collective work (Georgios Plastok, Alfred Fabricius)
graphzine, risoprinted by sleeponit press, Athens, 100 copies.

Zine on travel, abandoned spaces and exploration

Product photographed by Loukas Bassoukos (